Archived Postings - Fall 2001

Archived Postings -- Fall Quarter, 2001

SUGGESTION: I am a new student, and I just wanted to know how to use the library for research papers. Where to look, and if there are any other important information I need to know to survive the first quarter. Thank you.

RESPONSE: First, let me extend a hearty WELCOME to Cal State L.A.! You are very smart to want to get a head start on learning how to use the Library for research papers.

If you have access to the Internet at home, I recommend that you go to our Library Main page at: /library/ and spend a couple of hours exploring and reading about the Library by following the links you find on this page.

In particular, there is a link under HELP called Library Instruction. /library/instruct.htm It will take you to a page that explains eight different methods our Library offers for learning library research skills. Follow one or more of these methods and you'll have a great head start.

Even if you do have a computer and internet connection at home, it might be BEST if you came to the Library to use our computers to explore the Library's Website. This is because we staff our computer workstation area with librarians and other trained assistants who are available to answer your inquiries.... and we know from many years of experience that you WILL have questions once you start to explore and use our extensive Library Website.

When you come to the Library, visit the Reference Desk (1st floor of Library North) and let them know that you are a new student. The staff that work there will be happy to get you started and to work with you to answer any questions you might have.

Also, take a brief moment to visit this new link on the Library Web /library/utad2.htm it was designed especially for students like you!

Best wishes on your academic success this first quarter! (BC:dd - 9/15/01)

SUGGESTION: I think you guys have the best University library ever. My sister took me there once and I thought it was the cleanest and nicest library ever.