Archived Postings - Winter 2001

Archived Postings -- Winter Quarter, 2001

SUGGESTION: Academic Search (General academic)also provides full text materials just like Lexis-Nexis and Dow Jones. Please add Academic Search in the Full text periodicals category in the database section.

RESPONSE: This has now been done. Thanks for your suggestion. (SPS/my 1/29/01)

SUGGESTION: I am a senior majoring in Spanish and use the library's ILL service quite frequently. When ordering many items within a short period of time, its difficult to keep track of what you ordered. Consequently, on more than one occasion, I have accidentally ordered an article a second time while waiting for the first to come.

I think a web page that keeps track of the articles and books ordered via ILL, when they arrive, and that can be accessed by individual students would be extremely useful.

Please consider this possibility in further developing the library's website.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your comments on our Interlibrary Loan services.

You may wish to use the web ILL form at the Library's website /sites/default/files/library/ill2.htm (accessible from the_Library's home page under the Services menu). You will be asked to_include your NIS account email address to verify that you are a current_student and thus entitled to this service. The advantage of the this_form is that you will automatically receive a receipt directly in your_NIS inbox. If you do not wish to use your NIS account for email, ATS can_help you set up automatic forwarding to the email system of your choice._

Hopefully by the fall we will have the Pharos system operational. This system will allow you to tell the system you want to request an item you have displayed on the screen rather than having to recopy the information into a form. It is a logical next step that you will be able to check on the status of your requests, but we have not been able to verify that at this time.

Thanks for your suggestion. (DS/my - 2/10/01)

COMMENT: To those involved with the interlibrary loan program: I am a new faculty member and I have recently used the ILL services. I want to compliment you on your good work. The internet request form is very convenient and I received my copies and books quickly. It has been a great aid to my research. Well done.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your kind words. (BC - 2/10/01)