Archived Postings - Spring 2001

Archived Postings -- Spring Quarter, 2001

SUGGESTION: I am happy to say that this library is doing an excellent job in providing services to the students. I have used many resources in the library including inter-library loan, recommanded reading list, online journals, and new book selections. The interactive nature of these services; especially online, has provided an excellent source of information and service 24 hours a day. In the comfort of my own home, I can now research my work and request information more effectively and efficiently. I wish every library can be as effective, informative, and responsive as Cal State LA library. Thank you for supporting students every step of the way.

RESPONSE: Thank you for taking the time to tell us how pleased you are with the Library services we provide via our Library web site. We do try very hard to support our students every way we can. (BC - 4/01 )

SUGGESTION: I'm having trouble finding - on your website - how I can request a recall of a book that has been checked out...?

RESPONSE: Unfortunately, you must come in to the library to recall a book that has been checked out.

I agree this information is not widely posted on the web site, but I did find it under Library Services by Service Name: Loan Desk. It does not say that this is the only way we handle these requests. We are giving some consideration to making this available electronically but have not done so yet. I will reopen that discussion but meanwhile, please come in and ask for a recall at the Loan Desk. (MY - 4/01 )