Archived Postings - Summer 2001

Archived Postings -- Summer Quarter, 2001

SUGGESTION: Just let you know that the Reference Desk gave me some incorrect info about eBook on Tuesday. They told me that I could read the eBook regardless of the type of my PC. The fact is if you want to just browse the eBook, you can use any type of PC/operating system; but if you want to download it and read it offline, then you need to download an eBook reader, which requires Win9x or higher - Mac, Linux, Unix, etc do not work. That is, you need to have a Wintel PC to check out the eBook. Please let the Reference Desk people know this.

RESPONSE: Thank you for taking the time to tell us the misleading information you received from the Reference Desk concerning eBooks.

The eBook trial is a CSU-wide project and communications about changes have been less than perfect. In order to maximize access, the CSU eBook Coordinating Team made the decision to offer our netLibrary users only the "Browse" option. The "Download and Read Off-line" option was incorrectly turned on for CSLA. This has now been corrected and our users are once again restricted to "Browse Only."

With the "Browse Only" option turned on, each eBook "browser" will have access to reading the eBook online for as long as that person is actively reading it. If the user stops reading it for 15 minutes, the netLibrary system assumes the user has stopped reading, and will take the eBook back and make it available for the next user since only one user can have access to any one title at a time. That next user could be a new reader or the same reader who was browsing the book before.

If the Trial Project is successful, each campus can then decide whether to participate or not. If CSLA participates in the future, it will decide which of the three "reading" options are made available for our users. Currently, we are in favor of having all three options available.

We do try very hard to support our students every way we can. There have been many changes in the CSU eBook Trial Project since its beginning so it has been difficult for all our Reference personnel to stay current. (BC/HY - 6/04/01 )