Archived Postings - Spring 2002

Archived Postings -- Fall Quarter, 2002

SUGGESTION: I am suggesting that students should have the option to renew books over the phone as well as put reserves on hold. I find it annoying to have to come in person to request a reserve to be put on hold.

RESPONSE: You don't have to bring regular circulating books back to the Library for renewal. Just log on to our website at and follow these instructions on renewing: point to DOING RESEARCH, then FIND BOOKS, then OUR CATALOG, then click RENEW BOOKS at the bottom of the screen. Input your name and the barcode from your School ID or Library Card in the appropriate areas on the next screen. Click the line that will appear indicating the number of books you have checked out, then click the item(s) you wish to renew. You have from one week before the book is due through it's due date to renew online. You are responsible for the Library books checked out to you; as a member of the University community, you will want to take the responsibility for renewing them properly.

Reserves items are not placed on hold. Material on Reserves is requested and checked out in-person at the Loan Desk. If the material you need is currently checked out, you can book a reservation to have a Reserves item available exclusively for you on a specified date and time at the Loan Desk. You will then receive a slip specifying the item, plus the date and time of your reservation. The item will be held for up to one hour past the time you requested. Since Reserves items require specific information in order to be accessed, and tend to have short loans with high usage, trying to handle all the information involved over the phone could lead to confusion, misunderstanding and real annoyance. (LV - 11/19/02)