Archived Postings - Spring 2002

Archived Postings -- Spring Quarter, 2002

SUGGESTION: The new interlibrary loan system is not great.  When ordering a journal article, it comes as a scanned file--often very large.  My printer (HP-3P) refuses to print these large files.  The only way I can print it is one page at a time which of course is very time consuming.
Can you make it easy to get a hard copy?

RESPONSE: Interlibrary Loan sends articles electronically when possible to enable the patron to receive their requests faster and to read it from their own computer in a more convenient environment.  Unfortunately the file is sometimes too big or equipment is not always compatible and patrons are not able to read the electronic article.

To resolve this issue, please contact the Interlibrary Loan Office and we will arrange to have your article printed into a hard copy and placed at the Loan Desk.  Faculty can ask to have their articles sent directly to their department. (CK/HY - 05/13/02)

SUGGESTION:Some of the books that are library use only are sometimes never on the shelves, so it leads to believe that maybe these books are taken out of the library.

RESPONSE: In a large open stack library there are a number of reasons a small percentage of books and journals, including library use only items, may be out of place or missing. If you are having problems locating a book, either one that is library use only or a circulating one, please go to the Loan Desk and make a search request. If you are unable to locate a bound or unbound periodical ask for help locating the article you need at the Periodical Desk. This will help us get you the book or article you need as soon as possible. It also make us aware when books or periodicals are missing so we can search for them and replace ones we cannot find. (DD/HY - 04/18/02)