Archived Postings - Spring 2002

Archived Postings -- Summer Quarter, 2002

SUGGESTION: This system is extremely annoying to use when doing multiple ILL as one must re-enter the golden eagle card number and last name each new entry or look-up.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your comment. There had been some discussion regarding the repetitive inputting of patron name and barcode. However, the appropriate technical personnel have informed us that for security reasons, the barcode and patron name should not repeat from request to request. I suggest that you copy and paste your barcode in as needed. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but it is for your protection. (CK & TPO 9/12/02)

SUGGESTION: It would be helpful if you provide a hardcopy printout in the AV center for movie titles especially (perhaps divided by category--e.g., comedy, documentary, drama).

I realize that titles can be looked up online, but be able to browse through a listing of titles is sometimes more convenient. When I was at the University of Hawaii, the library had binders that included the VHS or DVD cover, plus there was a printout of all available titles. It allowed me to find things that I might otherwise not have seen. Thank you.

RESPONSE: Thank you for your suggestion to provide a printout of movie titles in the "Music & Media Center." The primary reason that we do not provide a printed list of titles is that it goes out of date shortly after it's printed. Generally, because of the added library staff time and expense of producing printed lists, the library has done away with this practice in favor of having students use the online catalog to browse holdings or look for specific titles.

Your suggestion did provide me with an idea however, which I hope you will find helpful. I have added some "Media QuickSearch" links to our Media Search page. I tried to identify popular search requests (such as a list of the Hollywood feature films we have in our collection) and have made links that allow you to click and get an automatic search result. You'll find the Media Quick-search links here: /library/mmc/search.htm 

Scott Breivold, Media, Communications & Arts Librarian (SB - 07/16/02)

SUGGESTION: I have a problem with finding articles. I search for them online and it states that it's here in the library. when entering the CSULA library page to search where it's located at the page comes up as no result. when trying to obtain a loan from a different library it keeps on stating that CSULA library has it.

RESPONSE: We need to know the specific title of the journal you are looking for. Please contact our Ask-A-Librarian Coordinator Ying Xu (tel: 323-343-3959; email: for help. (YX - 06/26/02)