Archived Postings - Spring 2002

Archived Postings -- Summer Quarter, 2005

SUGGESTION: You guys are great and you do a super job. Ref. people are very helpful and circulation clerks always pleasant and friendly!

But ... the 1st floor of the Library is so noisy these days! I know itÂ’s not a quiet area, but people shouting, for heavens sake? IÂ’m not sure if itÂ’s the summer bridge folk or some other students, but, please can something be done? ItÂ’s impossible to do research on the computers. Thanks!

RESPONSE: ItÂ’s difficult to say what was going on at the time you were here, but we will try and keep better control of the noise. (SV - 7/05)

SUGGESTION: Please keep the ground floor restrooms cleaner. They are filthy not suitable for a university. Thanks.

RESPONSE: Restrooms are cleaned in the morning prior to opening. They are checked once again before the custodial staff leaves (around 10:30 a.m.). A second crew comes in around 4 p.m. to restock the paper, empty trash and do mop ups. During the day any complaints reported are immediately called in, and, the custodial staff responds as quickly as they can. If this occurred on a weekend, we only have an emergency custodial staff and they are called when needed.(SV - 7/05)

SUGGESTION: I just left 2nd floor (Quiet Area) and was very irritated by the amount of people talking to their friends at the tables, people using their cell phones, and the loud groups who were in the private rooms that are located in quiet area. I mustÂ’ve told 5 different groups of people to either relocate or stop talking. IÂ’m an outspoken person so IÂ’ll tell you when youÂ’re being rude or disrespectful to myself or others, however, had I not been there the other students in the area would have allowed that to continue talking, despite their opposition to what they were doing for whatever reason.

All, IÂ’m saying is that there needs to either be an occasional monitor, in the area or a permanent one. Somewhat similar to the 1st floor where a staff member comes in and tells people to get off the phone. This week, as well as the next, is a very stressful time and people have little patience for disturbances such as this. I donÂ’t know how many people have complained in the past, but this is a major issue-whether people have actually come forth or not. I seriously had to leave the area because I know for a fact, had I stayed there, my patience for these rude people wouldÂ’ve diminished and there wouldÂ’ve been a fight.

All I ask is for some assistance – I can only do so much to make people aware that they are being inconsiderate and the signs posted are obviously ineffective. The Library should be a stress free zone and the quiet area should indeed be that – Quiet. Thanx

RESPONSE: We have individuals walking around the building during what we consider to be heavy use periods. These individuals will approach people and ask them to lower their voices or to move or relocate to another area. If there are large groups we ask them to move to a group study room where they can talk a little more freely. We also monitor group study rooms as ask students to be quiet if they are a little too loud. You will soon be seeing students walking around the building wearing red vests and these students will also be monitoring for noise, cell phone use, etc. If the situation is really bad, use one of the phones near the computer areas which go to directly to the reference desk and they will dispatch someone to take care of the problem. Thank you for also trying to maintain quiet by reminding your fellow students to be quiet. (SV - 7/05)