Library Student Assistant Jobs

Library 101498538
Facilities Management Development/AutoCAD
Level D

Working under the supervision of the Facilities Coordinator, the Library Facilities Student Assistant performs assigned tasks in support of the overall Library goals of providing architecturally sound and esthetically pleasing arrangements of equipment, service points, furniture, bookstacks, etc. in order to provide enhanced service to patrons.

Specifically, the Library Facilities Student Assistant performs the following functions:

Measures and records existing interior layouts of bookstacks, equipment and furniture,

Takes site measurements throughout the Library buildings and provides detailed information to be entered into the Library's computer-aided design (CAD) system,

Reads measurements from existing drawings to aid in the placement of new equipment furniture, and the like,

Monitors and checks the Library buildings for layout and facilities-related problems and reports them to Library administration,

Performs related clerical functions as assigned by supervisor, and

Engages in minor furniture and equipment rearrangements when needed.

Desired qualifications:

Experience or coursework in basic architectural drafting and blueprint reading and detailing,

Experience or coursework in using computer-aided design systems, such as Autocad, and

Ability to work independently.

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