Library Student Assistant Jobs

Library 101628430
Reference Desk Assistant
Level D

The responsibilities for this position are performed at the Reference Desk.

Students must have strong communication and interpersonal skills, experience with library catalog and databases, and willingness to help others.

Students may be required to work alone during the early morning and late evening hours, both weekdays and weekends. During peak periods students will be working along side faculty and staff members of the Library.

Duties include: informing patrons of Library services and collections, making referrals to other Library and Campus organizations, helping patrons locate library materials, assisting patrons at workstations with software and search questions including the online library catalog and other computerized databases, assisting patrons with the operation of computers, printers, and/or photocopiers, and answering phones.

Is responsible for keeping the service area properly maintained and in good working order, including performing routine shelving. Other duties may include filing of loose-leaf services, processing of theses, and assisting Librarians in other tasks as needed.

Performs related duties as required within the job level of responsibilities.

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