Special Collections - Guidelines for Use

Guidelines for the
Use of Special Collections

Special Collections materials may only be consulted in the reading room.

fragil collectionsLeave briefcases, handbags, coats, and other personal property on the back of your chair or underneath the study table.

Special Collections material must be handled with care to avoid damaging fragile and/or valuable resources.

Do not force books open, turn open books face down, or place objects on them.

Please ask a staff member for scratch paper and/or bookmarks.

You must use a pencil for note taking in the reading room.

Folders of loose material should be opened slowly and carefully.

Turn the pages of loose material from right to left, as if they were bound at the left-hand edge.

Always maintain the original order of loose material or unbound manuscripts.

No marks may be added or removed from any material. No tracings or rubbings may be made without permission.

Photoduplication is by permission only, on an item-by-item basis.

Eating and drinking are not allowed.

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