Guide to Special Collections -- Distinctive Collections

Distinctive Collections

Alfedo Véa Manuscript Collection
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Bookplate Collection
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The image to the left shows one of many outstanding booksplates from this collection. It is the bookplate of Willard S. Morse.
East Los Angeles Community Union Archive
book cover: Onion Field [Descriptive text will be added here soon]

On the right is a photograph from the East Los Angeles community Union Archive. It shows "El Orgullo de Nuestra Herencia" (The Pride of Our Heritage), a 37 x 23 foot mural that adorns the TELACU corporate headquarters building in East Los Angeles. The mural depicts the history of the Mexican-American community from before the conquest of Mexico by Cortez to the present day in Southern California. A mosaic mural comprising 3,266 hand painted tiles, it was commissioned by TELACU President David C. Lizárraga and executed by Goez Art Studios. The mural was dedicated by Mr. Lizárraga and the late Cesar Chávez on July 8, 1983.
Fedco Superstores, Inc. Collection
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Frederick B. Shroyer Collection of Manuscripts
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Jewel Plummer Cobb Collection on Women and Minorities in Education
Jewel Plummer Cobb [Descriptive text will be added here soon]

The image to the left shows Dr. Cobb during the time when she was serving as President of California State University, Fullerton.
John K. Pollard Collection of Children's Books
The Pollard collection of Children's Books is comprised of works by American and English authors of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including Horatio Alger, Victor Appleton, William Baker, Gerarld Breckenridge, Thorton Burgess, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Allen Chapman, Elmer Dawson, Fremont Deering, J. W. Duffield, Leo Edwards, Edward Ellis, Percy Fitzhugh, Howard Garis, Lillian Garis, Zane Grey, H. Irving Hancock, William Heyliger, Laura Lee Hope, Howard Payson and Harold Sherman. All are first or limited editions. John K. Pollard is a retired biochemist who currently resides in Del Mar, Caliofrnia. The collection totals approximately 2,650 titles, or 91 linear feet.

Joseph Wambaugh Collection of Manuscripts
book cover: Onion FieldJoseph Wambaugh, author, was born January 22, 1937, in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He joined the Marines at seventeen, and married at eighteen. He joined the police and rose through the ranks from patrolman to detective sergeant. While working as a policeman, he attended Cal State University, Los Angeles, receiving his B.A. (1960) and M.A. (1968) from California State University, Los Angeles.

To date, the Joseph Wambaugh Collection of Manuscripts includes The New Centurions (1971), The Blue Knight (1972), The Onion Field (1973), Choir Boys (1975), The Black Marble (1978), The Secrets of Harry Bright (1986), and The Blooding (1988). The Collection totals four linear feet.

All manuscripts are typescipts; some have handwritten changes, notations and corrections.

Mexican-American Baseball in Los Angeles Collection
Baseball ExhibitThe Mexican-American Baseball in Los Angeles Collection grew out of a project sponsored jointly by the Cal State L. A. Library and the Baseball Reliquary. The project was entitled Mexican-American Baseball in Los Angeles: From the Barrios to the Big Leagues. The project was made possible, in part, by a grant to the Baseball Reliquary, from the California Council for the Humanities as part of the Council's statewide California Stories Initiative, and from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. The inaugural exhibition took place in this Library March 26 through June 9, 2006.

The Collection documents and interprets the historic role that baseball played as a cohesive element and as a social and cultural force within the Mexican-American communities of Los Angeles County and the surrounding metropolitan areas (Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties). While the impact of Major League Baseball in the region is covered (the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the contentious and ideological battle over Chavez Ravine, and the phenomenon of "Fernandomania"), particular emphasis is placed on the once-flourishing culture of amateur and semi-professional baseball as an important means for celebrating ethnic identity and instilling community pride.

The Collection consists of photographs, artifacts, art works, audio and video recordings, oral histories, and bilingual signage documenting and interpreting the social and ethnic ramifications of baseball within the Mexican-American communities of Los Angeles County. The Collection provides a significant resource for the general public, students, and researchers.

See our Mexican- American Baseball in Los Angeles website. Until the Collection is fully processed, this website will serve as an ongoing, online finding aid.
Newberry and Caldecott Award Collections
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Newspaper Animation Collection
decorative bookplate [Descriptive text will be added here soon]

The Newspaper Animation Collection includes this cartoon on the left by famous cartoonist, Bil Keane. It is an early creation from his famous series, The Family Circus. Keane had a family of five children that provided him with years of inspiration. Keane was born in 1922, and learned to draw and develop cartoons entirely on his own.

Perry R. Long Collection of Books on Printing and Graphic Design
Invention of Printing bookPerry Robert Long was a printer with a distinguished national reputation. In 1959 the University Library at CSULA was selected by a committee to receive Mr. Long's collection of books on printing and graphic design consisting of approximately 3,000 titles, or 360 linear feet, of rare and beautiful books of, and about, fine printing. It is one of the largest collections of typographica on the West Coast. In includes works on the art and science of typography, paper making and color printing, graphic design, book binding, printer's manuals, and histories, as well as ephemerae, keepsakes, announcements, broadsides, and other examples of fine printing.

The collection also includes a rare Washington handpress (click to see a photograph of the handpress in our Collection). It was manufactured in the United States between 1821 and 1910, by Paul Shniedewend. It was presented to the University in memory of Gordon J. Holmquist in 1966.

World War II Patriotic Poster Collection
World War II poster [Descriptive text will be added here soon]