What is SFX?

What is it?

SFX is a new type of "linking" software, that allows you to quickly access the full text of an article online. The Cal State LA library is currently working on testing and implementing this new product, as part of a CSU system-wide project. It will take several months for all the "behind the scenes" work to be done. In the coming weeks you will begin to see the SFX link (or logo) Pop-Up Window appear next to article database search results. Clicking on the SFX link opens a new window Pop-Up Window with direct links to various online sources for the article.

Caution: It's not perfect yet!

The SFX system is still in the early stages of implementation, so please be patient while this new system is "under construction." When you click on the SFX link, your success (results) will vary ~ sometimes you will be directed to the online journal, sometimes to the table of contents, and sometimes to the actual article itself. In some cases, the SFX link may still appear even if full text is available from the database you have just searched. When you see the words Full Text or an icon: Full Text next to the article title, simply click on one of them to access the full text.

Here is an examplePop-Up Window.