Database Trial

Database Trial

IEEE Electronic Library Online (IEL)

The IEEE/IEE Electronic Library provides a single source to almost 30% of the world's current literature in electrical engineering, electronics, and computer science. It covers journals, conference proceedings and standards from IEEE and IET back to 1988, plus selected content dating as far back as 1913. It contains more than 11,000 publication titles.

For more information on IEL, please go to the following URL:

If you need technical support during the trial, please contact IEEE Technical Support:

Phone +1 800 701 4333

Information Services Latin America

Monthly publication provides a comprehensive overview of U.S. and British media coverage on Latin America.

Trial Period: August 2008 ~ December 2008

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ABC-CLIO History Reference Online

HRO now features over 580 titles. The entire ABC-CLIO eBook collection can be accessed in a single, easy to use, cross-searchable database.

Some NEW features and highlights:

  • Complete cross-title searching
  • Search the entire collection or selected titles
  • Choose between entry or page based viewing as well as printing
  • Advanced searching options
  • Entry and paged-based citations automatically display at the bottom of each page and switch easily between the four citation formats ABC-CLIO continues to offer the standard eBook features users have come to rely on:
    • Unlimited user level access
    • Remote access capabilities
    • Free downloadable MARC records

Trial Period: August 14 ~ September 14, 2008