Research Survival Guide

Page 14
There are 2 Types of ARTICLE Databases . . . 
    . . . The type you choose will depend on your topic

1)  General Article Databases
•If your topic is general or covers multiple subjects (i.e. cross-disciplinary), then you should start with one of the general article databases. These cover a wide range of subjects and often index a mixture of popular and scholarly sources. This is often a good place to begin research.

Examples include:  Academic Search Premiere  *  Readers Guide Abstracts  *  Article First
2)  Subject Specific Databases
–If your topic is specific to a particular subject area, then you should use a subject database.
Subject databases only index periodicals that are in that subject area, and the articles are generally from
scholarly sources.

Examples include:  Business Source Premiere  *  Chicano Database  *  Historical Abstracts
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