Research Survival Guide

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The Web:  Free vs. Pay (aka: Proprietary)

There are lots of different types of resources on the World Wide
Web. Some of these resources are free and easily accessible and
others require fees or might have restricted access.

The Public Web

Includes all websites that are freely accessible to anyone with Internet access. These include such sites as search engines, news sites, entertainment websites, personal pages, as well as many websites produced by businesses, organizations, and governments.

As a whole the information available on the Public Web is not organized, reviewed, or permanent. Therefore, it is often NOT the best place to begin research. The Public Web is better utilized to gather quick facts, current news, or to connect to a library’s electronic resources.

The Proprietary Web

Resources that are on the internet but are not freely or openly accessible to the general public. These resources require that fees be paid – either by an individual or a group before allowing access.

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