Research Survival Guide

Page 11 ImageThe Web:  Visible vs. Invisible

The Visible Web
Includes all Web sites that are accessible and searchable using
internet search engines (like Google, Yahoo, etc.)

The Invisible Web
Refers to the segment of information on the Internet that cannot be
located using search engines. This is also sometimes called the hidden
. Some of these sites are free, but have to be accessed through a database, a registration, or a particular interface. In this case you can search and find the home page, but not the content deeper in the site.

Other content on the Invisible Web is both hidden and proprietary. 
For example:
The article databases the library subscribes to, are only available to the Cal State LA community.

SO . .
Because electronic databases are organized, stable, and include reviewed and accurate information, they are much better places to begin research than the Public Web. As you learned in Chapter 2, you can access CSULA article databases at the library or from home.  

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