Research Survival Guide

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What it covers and how it covers it -- the content & presentation of the information

The term content refers to the information contained in an article, book, Web resource, or any document. The accuracy, relevancy, and coverage of a source can all be determined by examining
its content.

Some resources may supplement others to give you the best combination of resources to meet your information need.

Pay attention to not just what information is presented but how it is presented, and what’s left out. Some articles will have a slanted view, the author will try and convince you to their way of thinking on a topic. A scholarly or peer-reviewed article, will present findings based upon researched facts and information and those facts/information should be well-documented.

Clipart ImageLook out!  A great deal of information on the Public Web presents biased and undocumented information!

TIP: If you are unsure if a resource is appropriate for your research, ask your instructor or a reference librarian.

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