Research Survival Guide

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"What's up, information seekers? My name is Cal "Tate" Elay.

Welcome to the library's Research Survival Guide!

I will be your host for this journey into the exciting world of academic research.  Finding "good" information can be difficult . . . and it can feel
as tough as surviving on a tropical island. That's why the library chose
me to guide you through the process -- you see -- I'm a survivor!

This online tutorial will prepare you to better find what you need in the University Library and on the World Wide Web. The skills you learn here will save you time and will help you get better grades!

You will also learn skills that you can use in the "real world" and for the rest of your life (like when you buy a car, look for a job, or vote in an election). You'll learn how to locate, choose, and critically evaluate all kinds of information.   So let's get started . . .


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