Navigating the Sea of Information: An Online Information Literacy Tutorial :: Test Your Knowledge



Student Version

If you're taking this tutorial as part of a class assignment, the "Test your knowledge" quiz is conducted in WebCT.


1.  Login to WebCT  (you'll need to create a WebCT account
     if you don't already have one)

2.  Select "Add Course"

3.  Where it says "View by Category" click on the drop-down
      box and select "Library"

4.  Click the "Update" button next to the drop-down box

5.  You will see the course name: 
     LIB100_S06-Research Skills - University Library

6.  Click on the button that says "Self Registration"

7.  Click on the button that says "Go to course"

8.  Select "Tutorial PostTest:  Test your knowledge"

9.  A password is required to take the PostTest.  It will be provided by your instructor.

Ready?    Login to WebCT


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