Library Page

Finding Books in Your Local Libraries

Using WorldCat     Using Google Scholar


Step One
  • Go to Library Web homepage at /library/
  • Click on "Doing Research" and move your curcer to "Search for books, etc.", and then "WorldCat" as shown below

    Library Web Menu

Step Two

  • Click on "Go to this database" to access WorldCat
  • Enter your book title and select Title from the pull-down menu next to the search box
  • Or, enter combination of keywords from the book title and author's last name, and then select Keyword from the pull-down menu
  • Click on Search

    WorldCat Search

Step 3

  • At the result page, make sure the book (right edition!) you are looking for is displayed
  • Click on "Libraries Worldwide"
  • You will get a list of libraries who own that book
  • Click on the library name to find out book status (if the book is in the library)
  • It is important you find out the book status before you make a trip to the library

WorldCat Search Result

List of Libraries from WorldCat Result


Google Scholar

Step One

  • Go to Google Scholar at
  • Type in Genetic Analysis and Griffiths (combination of title keywords and author's last name) for the book titled An Introduction to Genetic Analysis by Anthony F. Griffiths
  • At the result page find the book you are looking for, and click on Library Search

    Google Scholar Search

Step 2

  • At the Library Search page on Google Scholar, type in your zip code and you will get a list of libraries near you who own the book
  • Click on the library you intend to go to make sure the book status (if the book is in the library)

Google Scholar Library List