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The Department of Psychology



The Departments of Psychology and Counselor Education jointly offer options in Applied Behavior Analysis. Both options are accredited by the Association for Behavior Analysis. In Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis is an optional curriculum in the Master of Science program. It is comprised of 57 quarter units, including courses offered by both Departments.

The option is designed to develop specialized professional competence in the application of behavior analysis to counseling, education and institutional settings, and as a preparation for advanced study in behavioral medicine. It will also prepare interested students for doctoral training.

  1. Interested students should contact the Department of Psychology at California State University Los Angeles (323) 343-2250, or contact the program Director, Professor Barry Lowenkron at (323) 343-5109. Professor Lowenkron can also be reached via E-mail at Deadline for student applications is March 1st. Notification of application status will be by September 1st.

  2. In addition to the requirements for application to the University and the Department (a minimum GPA of 3.0 is required of all majors and non-majors), completion of the MS program in Applied Behavior Analysis requires a personal interview with members of the Departments of Psychology and Counselor Education for placement in the required fieldwork component of the program. To insure that this eligibility is established, and will not prevent completion of the program, students are strongly advised to complete this interview as part of the process of application. The interview is conducted jointly by members of the Departments of Psychology and Counselor Education, and may be arranged by contacting Dr. B. Lowenkron in Psychology, or Dr. R. Mayer in Counselor Education. The interview should be completed before any class work is begun.

  3. After receiving a notice of acceptance to the program, students in Psychology should contact Dr. Lowenkron as soon as possible for guidance in developing plans for doctoral study or employment.


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