Cal State Los Angeles PIHRA

PIHRA Cal State Los Angeles

Professionals In Human Resources Association at Cal State L.A.

General Meetings: Wednesday 3:15-4:15p
5151 State University Dr. Los Angeles CA, 90032
Room Salazar Hall C135

Mission Statement:

CSULA Professionals in Human Resources Association provides a legitimate
advantage to members by enhancing their professional network, knowledge, skills,
abilities, and career opportunities in Human Resources and several other fields.

Short Term Goals:

The CSULA PIHRA chapter’s goals are to develop relationships with small to large scale
companies that our members see interest, in regards to a professional career.
We will effectively use member talents in order to reach these goals.

Long-Term Goals:

Long-term goals include offering an extensive database of organization staffing
needs that will be accessible to all members, organizing monthly networking events
where many HR professional will be present and being recognized as a legitimate
student union. We are building a platform that will allow members to grow within
the chapter, as they would in a professional organization. Members are encouraged
to bring ideas to the table, and lead them into production with the support of


  • Increase professional network with students & professionals.
  • Access to a database of private and public sector Company Staffing needs.
  • Professional development and insight on KSA in various career paths.
  • Ability to engage and bring guest speakers that are of interest to you.
  • Ability to lead projects and be a part of a start-up union.
  • Ability to engage in resume building extra curricular activities.
  • Ability to take your ideas and implement them with PIHRA support.


  • Weekly meetings (Development & HR discussions)
  • Guest speakers from various business fields
  • Fundraisers
  • Meetings with public and private HR departments
  • Networking events
  • Community service
  • Recruitment
  • Workshops

Board Members:

President: Adriana Machuca
Vice President: Claudia Martinez
Secretary: Brianda Ramirez
Treasures: David Moran
Director of Marketing: Elizabeth Escalante
Director of Planning: Nancy Tello
Director of Public Relations: Ani Asatryan
Director of Recruitment: Silvia Avalos

Advisor: Dr. Veena Prabhu