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About Us

Welcome to our team! The RoboSub team at California State University, Los Angeles is an engineering team that builds autonomous submarine vehicles each year for the international RoboSub competition. The competition is held annually at the end of July at the Transducer Evaluation Center (TRANSDEC) in San Diego. The competition consists of a set of obstacles arranged in the TRANSDEC pool that each team's submarine must navigate autonomously. Students working on the RoboSub project gain valuable teamwork and engineering skills while forming connections with other like-minded students. 

Our team is split up into two project teams, the student organization and the senior design team. The senior design team builds one vehicle, and the club members build a separate vehicle while being mentored by senior design members. Both vehicles are intended for use in the competition and strategies will be carefully considered based on the capabilities of both vehicles. Members have the opportunity to design advanced robotics systems and work on an interdisciplinary project to gain experience working with a team. Please see the progress tab for a better idea of what our members are working on and what tasks and projects are available to new members.  ​

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The mission of the Cal State LA RoboSub team is to provide real-world engineering experience for students outside of the classroom. We strive to provide all students interested in engineering with the resources necessary to explore a hands-on project, with tasks for new members at all levels of experience. We would love to welcome you as a member of our diverse team, no matter your major or academic standing.


Each year, our team creates a video submission for the competition that highlights our progress throughout the year. The videos for the past 3 years can be viewed below.

2019 Video

CSULA RoboSub 2019 Team Video

2018 Video

2018 RoboSub - California State University Los Angeles Team Video

2017 Video

2017 RoboSub - California State University, Los Angeles Team Video