Eagle I: Electrical

The Eagle I electrical system consists of a main processing unit (a motherboard), several microcontrollers for navigation, solenoids, and sensors. The sensors on Eagle I consist of hydrophones, cameras, an IMU, a barometer. 

Electrical block diagram

A Pixhawk controller was used to send stabilization commands to the motherboard, which communicates with microcontrollers and sensors to "decide" which signals to send to the motors and pneumatic system. The hydrophones system on Eagle I uses envelope detection on 3 hydrophones to triangulate the location of a high frequency pinger in the water. 

Communication block diagram

(Electrical system)

The power supply for Eagle I is two 10Ah 14.8V LiPo batteries. Using buck converters, this battery provided power to 3 solenoids, a servo motor, the Pixhawk controller, barometer, motherboard, Arduino Due, DAQ system, hydrophone amplifiers, and thrusters. The power budget is shown below. 

Power budget