Gyarados: Electrical

The electrical system on the 2019 version of Gyarados features more custom electronics than on Eagle I, allowing for more efficient use of hull space. Custom PCBs include a thruster ESC board, a power distribution board, a battery shutoff board, and a servo control board. In addition, the 2018 vehicle featured a low pass filter circuit for hydrophones noise reduction and a custom control board. These were later removed from the design. Below is the communications network on the submarine. The sensors shown include an IMU, barometer, hydrophones, DVL, and cameras. 

Signal diagram

Thruster board​The thruster control board, shown to the left, has relays, fuses and ESCs, and serves to provide power and PWM signals to the thrusters after the controllers have provided the proper PWM signals to the thruster board. The thruster board uses fuses to protect individual thrusters from overcurrent, provides easily accessible connectors for signal/power connections on each thruster, and has a kill switch relay, allowing us to power the motors off at any time. 

The custom control board (shown below) incorporates custom circuits that are capable of adding different functions to the AUV without compromising space within the hull. Control boardThe servo board connects to the control board via one of its expansion slots. The servo expansion card (shown below) can control and power up to 16 servo motors and 5 actuators simultaneously. The reasoning behind this board is because we intended to have several actuated systems, such as a claw, dropper, and torpedoes, that all function off of servos and actuators. 

Servo board​Within the AUV, there are several electronics that need regulated power from the batteries; hence the need for a power distribution board. The power board is coupled with a low voltage automatic shutdown board, which means that if the battery goes below a certain voltage, the board will stop providing power to the electronics automatically. The board also features short circuit protection. Below, the automatic shutoff board is seen on the left, and the power distribution board is depicted on the right. 

Power board

shutoff board


power block diagram