Lanturn: Electrical

The electrical system on Lanturn consists of a motherboard, a thruster signal routing board, a power distribution board, several microcontrollers, and a sensor suite, all powered by a single 14.8V, 20Ah LiPo battery. Its sensor suite includes an IMU, a barometer, hydrophones, an active sonar module, a DVL, and cameras. 

Block diagram

To reduce the amount of processing required for the detection of obstacles, the team experimented with the use of a sonar module. The sonar module data was processed on a microcontroller external to the motherboard, allowing more CPU usage for computer vision and hydrophones signal processing. In addition, the team was successful in developing a cross-correlation based sound localization system using a widely spaced, triangular array of 3 hydrophones. Data for this system is collected using an oscilloscope module, which was significantly cheaper and more open-source than commercial data acquisition systems. The hardware block diagram is shown below.