2017-18 Tutoring Program

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We have over 20 students who have volunteered to tutor for free. To see our current tutoring list, click here.

If you are a student in need of tutoring please sign up by filling out a Google Form below.

In order to distribute the work evenly among our tutors, your information will be reviewed and you will be assigned a tutor ASAP.

We usually do this based on availability and what class you request. Once you are assigned a tutor and given their information, you and the tutor are free to email each other and set up a meeting time. 

Students do not have to be Chemistry & Biochemistry Club members to obtain free tutoring.

FREE Tutoring is Now Available!

Please click here and Fill Out the Fall 2018 Tutoring Form 

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Have any questions? Email: chemcsula@gmail.com

Updated January 24, 2018