2020 National Chemistry Week at Cal State LA

Join us for National Chemistry Week!

Sticking with Chemistry:

Resins and Epoxis in Cosmetics and Special Effects

Monday, October 26th through Saturday, October 31st, 2020


Participate in events all week long and win prizes! Grubhub gift cards, Chemistry Stickers!

Da rules:  We will be handing out prizes at Saturday's closing ceremony. The prizes will be for: perfect attendance, asking questions at the seminars (to the speakers), winners of the pKa game, winners of the face painting competition, and general raffle prizes at our closing ceremony (must be present to win). To win prizes, please be sure you enter your name in the chat at the start of each seminar/activity and again at the close of each seminar/activity.
National Chemistry Week is an annual event organized by the American Chemical Society during near the week of October 23rd (10^23 -Avogadro’s number). This year, the theme is Sticking with Chemisry.
National Chemistry Weeks marks a week-long celebration of chemistry and outreach opportunities. Typically, the Chemistry & Biochemistry Club invites K-12 students, hosts guest speakers, and performs chemistry demonstrations all week long. See information from previous NCWs here.  


Download the Flyer: /sites/default/files/users/u31676/NCW/ncw2020_final.pdf

National Chemistry Week Schedule:

Monday, October 26th at 1:30PM: Opening Ceremony - the impact of Chemical Research
Tuesday, October 27th at 12 NOON: Chemistry Department Seminar Dr. Megan Fieser, PhD Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Southern California
Wednesday, October 28th at 2PM: Shari Clemente, Director of Product & Global Development, HatchBeauty, LLC
Thursday, October 29th at 11AM: Justin Raleigh, CEO Fractured FX
Friday, October 30th at 2PM: MORE Seminar "Eavesdropping on Chemical Communication
" Professor Anne Andrews, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry; 
Brain Research Institute, UCLA
Friday, October 30th at 4PM: pKa the Fun Way!!
Saturday, October 31st at 3PM: Closing Ceremony and face painting contest - with faculty judges! Among Us!
All Students Welcome!

Cal State LA students: Do you want to help us with this event? Are you part of an on-campus club or student organization? Join us! We need volunteers to do hands-on demonstrations, give tours of research laboratories, decorate, and participate in the events! Email us at chemcsula (at) gmail.com

Cal State LA faculty: We need lots of help promoting NCW events to students – if faculty announce it in their courses, more students are likely to participate. Can you help us spread the word about our events? Make announcements about our events prior to the start of your class? Email students in your classes and in your research labs? 

Faculty are invited and most welcome to all of the events for National Chemistry Week! Faculty from ALL disciplines are welcome! Also, please join us in celebrating chemistry / STEM by wearing scientific t-shirts, pins, buttons, jewelry, hats, etc.!Faculty can also help by opening up their labs and assigning students in their labs to help give lab tours or by working with students to make hands-on demonstrations. For more information contact: Cecilia Zurita-Lopez, zuritalopez (at) calstatela.edu

K-12 Educators: Would you like to bring your students to one of our events? We can do chemistry demonstrations to large and small groups. Hands-on activities are also an option! Please contact our Faculty Co-advisor: Dr. Cecilia Zurita-Lopez, zuritalopez (at) calstatela.edu

Community Partners: Are you a student group from a neighboring community college or university?  Are you a business or civic group interested in supporting science outreach? Would you like to help with this event? Would you like to bring college students or K-12 students? Please contact our Faculty Co-advisor: Dr. Cecilia Zurita-Lopez, zuritalopez (at) calstatela.edu