Academic Tools

Test Preparation

Did you know that our university library offers test preparation materials? Whether you're studying for the GRE or MCAT, under the "Database" tab in our university library link, find Mometrix, a test prep database. 
Individual Development Plan and Mentoring Websites

Start an individual development plan (IDP). Now is the time to focus on your future. Think about how you will use your skills and experience to find a fulfilling career. Using an IDP will help you to explore a range of career possibilities as well as to set realistic goals that will put and keep you on a career path you can feel excited about. What is an IDP?

Here is information about an IDP with resources. 

Here is one for students interested in a PhD: Individual Development Plan

Information on this IDP


National Research Mentoring Network - Professional Development and Advancement



MiMentor - Mentoring the Next Generation of Diverse Healthcare Professionals


Cientifico Latino - We aim to help undergradue, graduate, and professional students by providing open-access resources on scholarships, fellowships and bloc posts on professional development. 


LabTV an online hub where people, labs, and organizations engaged in medical research come together to tell their stories. 


Scholarships and Other Opportunities

Join an honor society and/or do an honors thesis.

Present your research at a scientific conference.

Visit Dr. Zurita-Lopez' Lab "Useful Links" page

Los Angeles Mission College has a great page on Internships and Scholarships

Doing Research and Research Opportunities

Would you like to do research in a lab? First read about research on campus from the Office of Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities (ORSCA) - click here.

Are you working on a research project? Check out the resources at our library! Start with the Chemistry Research Guide.

Asking for a Letter of Recommendation

It's very normal to feel anxiety about asking for a letter of recommendation. However, if you've earned an "A" in the class, then do not be afriad. You've earned a good letter! Talk to the professor, remind them when you took the class and that you received an "A." Most importantly, tell them why you need the letter and the deadline for submission. In some instances, additional information should be included in the letter of recommendation. Don't be afraid to remind your recommendor of this - if possible, provide a link so that your recommendation can get some guidance and help in writing a strong letter. For example, if applying to medical school, don't be afraid to include the following link.