Plan Your Career


Five tips to help you do well at Cal State LA and beyond:

  1. Check GET (be sure your transferred classes are accurate).
  2. Get academic advisement every semester so that you can be sure you are taking the correct courses that count towards your major.
  3. Look for summer research opportunities
  4. Look for scholarship opportunities
  5. Study for the MCAT, DAT, GRE, and any other graduate admissions test.

Graduate on Time! Get Academic Advisement

What is academic advisement? Every department has faculty who can advise you on what courses to take. What can a faculty member in your department help you with? Career goals. Also, we look at your four year academic plan and organize your courses. We can also look into grade forgiveness forms (if you’ve repeated courses), substituting courses (if the course isn’t offered and if you’re graduating, can you substitute a required course?), etc.

In the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, you are assigned to a particular faculty member based on your last name. Please take a look here to see who you are assigned to. For example, if your last name begins with the letter B, then you are assigned to Dr. Foster.

Also, here is more information that may be useful to you:

If you are not a chemistry or biochemistry major, find out who your advisor within your department and make an appointment with them right away!

What do you want to do with your degree in STEM?

What will you do after you graduate?

While you're a student, seek opportunities that will give you experiences in areas that interest you. Build your CV or resume with service/volunteer opportunities but also seek to organize opportunities that reveal interesting career paths. Consider a summer research program or internship!

Do an Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Now is the time to focus on what you will do AFTER graduation. Think about how you will use your skills and experience to find a fulfilling career. Using an IDP will help you to explore a range of career possibilities as well as to set realistic goals that will put and keep you on a career path you can feel excited about. What is an IDP?

Here is information about an IDP with resources. 

Here is one for students interested in a PhD: Individual Development Plan

Information on this IDP


Get information and mentorship. Here are some organizations that help students like you!


National Research Mentoring Network - Professional Development and Advancement


MiMentor - Mentoring the Next Generation of Diverse Healthcare Professionals


Cientifico Latino - We aim to help undergradue, graduate, and professional students by providing open-access resources on scholarships, fellowships and bloc posts on professional development. 


LabTV an online hub where people, labs, and organizations engaged in medical research come together to tell their stories.