Sample STEM Resumes

Are you a STEM Major?

Boy Scientist
Here are some sample resumes to help you get started. They are intended to give you some guidance on format, content, tone and style. We recommend that you view all of them regardless of major so that you can get inspired to create your own unique resume.

If you are an alumni/friend, and would like to share your resume (without private information), please email: Cecilia Zurita-Lopez: zuritalopez (at)
In addition to consulting our own Career Development Center (make an appointment and they will give you professional advice on your resume). Also see this site here for information about resumes (more examples). 
The Career Development Center also has useful guides. These guides are for preparing resumes, job interviews and more!
Finally, the purpose of a resume is to showcase your experience, education, and skills in an easy-to-read format so that you can secure an interview. Consider joining the Chemistry & Biochemistry Club and assuming a leadership position within the club. Also consider joining an organization to help you stand out. Click here to learn about professional organizations and also see a list of different types of organizations (professional, academic, volunteer, career, etc.). 

Be sure to get feedback on your resume prior to applying for a job!