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Chem Club Students

From left to right: Antonio Garcia, David Cagan, Zoe Estrada-Tobar, Mario Pizarro, Kayla Love, Joshua Alvarado, and Jesus Aldana-Mendoza (not pictured: Ivonne Cepeda and Aron Mendiola)


On Friday, June 23rd, 2017, approximately 80 kids and youth from "The Genius Project," Rancho Cucamonga visited with the Chemistry & Biochemistry Club. This STEM Outreach event was organized by Dean Cheryl Ney in the Charter College of Education and was part of a larger tour of Cal State LA that also included the Hydrogen Station.

Our students greeted the group, which was divided into two smaller groups. First approximately 50 K-5th graders and later about 30 6-12th graders. We first welcomed the groups by introducing ourselves and showing the video "Chemists Know." Next, our student Antonio Garcia (BS Chemistry, 2017) showed the audience chemistry demonstrations first using liquid nitrogen and later using carbon dioxide to inflate a balloon. After this, the students were free to ask our student volunteers questions about college, paying for college, life at Cal State LA, chemistry, careers in chemistry or biochemistry, research in labs, and fellowships. Kayla Love (MS Biochemistry, 2018)  told the audience that more than one career is OK. She cited Leland Melvin as an example of someone who was first an NFL Football Player and later became an astronaut for NASA: The event ended with a raffle of t-shirts and free posters of the periodic table (a generous gift from Gel-Est).

Antonio Garcia




Antonio Garcia (BS Chemistry, 2017)


Group two - grades 6-12th


On Wednesday, January 24th, 2017, approximately 40 Mark Keppel High School students visited with Chemistry and Biochemistry Department students! The high school students were greeted by a panel of students and given tours of several research labs.