Our Volunteering


1. Sep. 8 - Gardening in Public gardens in Pasadena
2. Sep. 8 - Reading to Kids (White Elementary School): always second Saturday of every month; 3 hours required
3. Sep. 8 - Los Angeles Food Bank- online application is required; sorting and packaging food for homeless
4. Sep. 15 - Community Garden Day
5.  Sep. 23 - Alhambra Farmers Market: boxing, sorting and lifting produce
6.Sep. 29 - Paint a House Compton Neighborhood Pride Day
1. Oct. 6- Bolsa Chica State Beach clean up, bi-monthly beach clean up on Saturdays 9am
2. Oct. 13-Reading to Kids (White Elementary School)
3. Oct. 13- Los Angeles Food Bank
4. Oct.14-Los Angeles Kidney Walk
5. Oct. 27- Bolsa Chica State Beach clean up
1. Nov. 3-Alzhemiers Walk
 2. Nov. 10- Reading to Kids (White Elementary School)
3. Nov. 10- Bolsa Chica State Beach Clean up

Recurring volunteer opportunity every Thursday from 12-2pm: This foundation is establishing a viable and respectable means for homeless individuals to receive the necessities of life as they regain their way back into society. Volunteers can feed and clothe the homeless on skid row from 12-2pm every Thursday. Only responsible to volunteer when you are available to do so (no required hours), and only requirement is to show up with a signed release form. Please reach out to Tatiana Eiley for transportationo to/from this site! 



Please email us at iampremed.csula@yahoo.com for the general release form!