KPE 154: Taekwondo Training Journal

California State University, Los Angeles
Department of Kinesiology and Nutritional Science

KIN 154 (1.0)


Your Training Journal should contain the following elements:

Goals (long & short) Set some realistic goals for yourself.  Set a long term and short term goal.  Set the goal in a way that you can see improvement and you are able to do a specific task to improve that goal.  i.e.  (Don't) I want to get a "six-pack."  (Do) I want to be able to perform two sets of 50 crunches.
Poomse/Forms In this section of your journal you will write comments on what new form you learned, and what you feel you need to work on to improve on your form.  You can also write down any tips form instructors that you get for performing the form for effectively.
Kyorugi/Sparring Who you sparred, how you think you did, and what combinations seem to work well.  Also write how you felt about the sparring. 
Hoshinsul/Self-Defense What kind of information did you get from a self-defense perspective.
Reflections How you felt over all in participating in the class.  Did you feel horrible before the class, but energized after?  Are you all sweaty and sticky, but you feel GREAT!?

Please make this journal as neat as possible.  Your grade will be determined by completeness, neatness, organization, and by how well the directions are followed.  The journal should be placed in a simple file folder.

The Training Journal will be do on the day of the final.

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