Cal State LA Math Circle


Welcome to Cal State LA Math Circle!


Cal State LA Math Circle will host the following mathematics competitions  this school year 2017-2018.  

* Math Olympiads Contests Division E - Grade 4 - 6
* Math Olympiads Contests Division M - Grade 6 - 8
* American Mathematics Competitions AMC 8, AMC 10 and AMC 12
* DMAS contests - Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3
Thanks for the support from the Department of Mathematics and the College of Natural and Social Sciences, participants don't have to pay the registration fee.  Space is limited.  Please select a contest to sign up.
Click here to register for Math Olympiads Contests. (Contest dates: 10am - 11am on Saturdays Nov 18, Dec 16, 2017, Jan 20, Feb 17, Mar 10, 2018)
Click here to register for American Mathematics Competitions. (Contest dates: 4pm - 6pm on Fridays Nov 17, 2017,   Feb 7, and Feb 15, 2018)
Click here to view DMAS games or to register for DMAS Contests. (Contest date: April 21, 2018.)


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