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Information and Technical Forum (informational site that cover different uCs including the HC11)

68hc11 microcontroller FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the HC11)

Home of the HC11 & HC12 (This page has projects and tools for the HC11)

Viper's HC11 Resource Page (Site with a lot of usefull links)

Peter H. Anderson - Embedded Processor Control (Has info on the HC11 and other uCs)

An Introduction to the 6811  (This is a free manual that teaches you how to program the HC11)

MC68HC11A8 Programming Reference Guide (Order this free book from motorola part#MC68HC11A8RG/AD. Great reference for the HC11 Instructions Set.)

The M68HC11 Reference Manual. (Aka the "pink book"  covers HC11 hardware and assembly language.  Order it for free from motorola part# M68HC11RM/AD) 


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Stepper Motors

    List of Stepper Motor Links  (This site has tons of links to other stepper motor page)

    Stepper Motors (This link is one of the best links that covers stepper motors)

    Control of Stepping Motors, a tutorial (This is a complete tutorial on stepper motors)

    Stepper Motor Discussions by thread (List of stepper motor discusion from a newsgroup)

    The Bipolar Stepper Page (This page has info on bipolar stepp. motors,uC and circuits)

    Basic Stepper Motor Concepts (Electromagnetism tutorial and how it applies to stepp. motors)

    How to use disk drive stepper-motors (Have an old floppy drive? Check this page out)

    Steppr Motor Website Links (Great links)

    Stepper Motor Drive Circuit (Link to an IC driver circuit)

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    How to choose an IR Detector

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (Very good, brief intro to ir sensors)

    Internet resources for Sensor Science (Links to many resources relating to sensors)

    Implementing Infrared Object Detection (Good link that contains a good circuit)


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Maze Algorithms

    "The Software Code" (This page contains assembly code for the hc11 to solve the maze)

    Maze Classification (Page that contains resources on solving and generating mazes)

    Genetic Algorithms (Program that solves algorithms)

    Maze Path Finding Problem (Paper that explains a solution to solve a maze)

    Maze-searching algorithms (List of articles and books that deal with maze solving)


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MicroMouse School Pages
    University of California, Santa Barbara

Cal Poly Pomona

    Fresno State

    Singapore Inter-School

    University Of East London

    Humber College

    University Of Rochester

    All Japan MicroMouse Contest


    DeVry Institute of Technology 


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Engineering at California State University, Los Angeles



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