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 Welcome to the California State University Micromouse (V 3.0) Home Page. We have been out of the competition for a long time but this year our goal is to built a Micromouse as a team effort. In 1985 a Cal. State L.A. team design a mouse that made it all the way to the national competitions, so it's time to revive that winning tradition.

What is Micromouse?

       Micromouse is a smart robot that navigates a maze in the shortest amount of time without the assistance of its human creators. The mouse has four basic parts to it. It uses a microcontroller (small computer) as its "brain," stepper or dc motors as its "legs," and infrared sensors as its "eyes." A computer program written in the C or Assembly programming language, is used to define the algorithm (the step by step instructions) by which the robot finds its way from the starting point in the maze, to the center of the maze.