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Welcome to Verdad

From its inception Verdad was meant to be a journal that ran itself. In the previous issues this meant that students submitted their work then the editors read over the papers and made a couple of changes before posting the results. In this issue, there has been a small change. Instead of having section editors call for papers all quarter, a mass email was sent out asking for volunteers rather than appointing specific people to do the work. Also, instead of editing the papers, we have simply posted them for the evaluation and consideration of others. This will hopefully create a dialogue where students and those interested can develop ideas and thoughts on philosophy.

Personally, I have wanted this journal to be an open source lacking any power structure that would create a community of people sharing their ideas on various topics within philosophy. Previously the editors had some ability to decide what happened in their respective sections. This aspect of the journal has been left out. These are the raw papers and they are only sectioned off by topics. No one has been screened out. Hopefully any reader will find this accessibility welcoming and engaging. I also hope that the writers will get a chance to work with others to develop their papers.

-james singer, Co-Journal Editor June 2003

While the new way of doing things is definitely interesting, there is one flaw: we have very few papers in this issue. So, if you are a student at CalStateLA and you have a philosophy paper that you are proud of or particularly like for any reason, send us an e-mail and we will post it.  If you do not have a paper of this sort, then you can always just send in a Letter to the Editor about anything you feel is philosophically interesting. Remember, "philosophically interesting" covers a lot of territory. It can be about a book or movie - whether the it is reviewed or just used as a starting point for discussion. It can be about a class you are in now or one you had ten years ago about which you never stopped thinking. Whatever sparks your interest is acceptable. Feel free to send in anything at all.

-Jason Haddix, Co-Journal Editor June 2003

Our Mission

From the beginning, I had hoped the on-line journal would capture a true snapshot of the philosophy department at Cal State LA. The purpose of the journal was to give students inside the department an opportunity to get involved and also the experience of writing, editing, and publishing while giving those outside the department a window into what we are talking about at Cal State LA. I had never done this before, and while I am sure I have missed the mark in many ways, I am thankful to the editors of Verdad as well as our faculty advisor, Jennifer Faust, for allowing me to have the valuable experience of editing a journal.

One of the great things about being a student at Cal State LA is the broad spectrum of diversity you are exposed to. The students who have submitted essays in this issue come from all walks of life. In a field that struggles to draw non-typical students, this is simply amazing. Along with the diversity of student body comes diversity of abilities. Some of the authors are experienced journalists while others are still struggling with proficiency in English. My hope from the beginning was for Verdad to be a forum in which we could share what was being discussed in class. Excluding one group, I believe, would be just as wrong as excluding the other.

I, for one, have gained much from my experiences at Verdad. Whether it has been a higher level of conversation both inside and outside the classroom, improved confidence in my writing and editing skills, or the closer sense of community I feel in the philosophy department, I believe that the journal has given me an opportunity to exchange ideas while gaining experience. My only hope is that others will join in on the conversation as well. Winter 2003 classes have just begun and there are still a few philosophy classes that do not have editors. Either by submitting a paper or editing a section, wonÂ’t you join our conversation?

I look forward to hearing your comments. Truth, clarity, Verdad.

-Vahé Shirikjian, Founding Journal Editor

Contact Information

Below, you will find the contact information of the California State University, Los Angeles Philosophy Department. They generally know how to get in touch with all of us. Also, they are just all around nice people.

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