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Emergency Notification

Alternative Testing

Alternative testing is for students who need additional time on their exams, as well as testing in a reduced stress environment, typically a quiet location (during in-person instruction).

During virtual instruction, only extra time on exams is available. Students in need of this accommodation must take the following steps each semester:

  • Submit an accommodation request on  OSD Online Services (AIM)
  • Inform instructor(s) of the Notification of Academic Support Services—which contains the link to a testing contract.
  • Inform instructor(s) that they must complete the testing contract in order for OSD to coordinate the scheduling of exams.
  • For extra time, your instructor needs to adjust the time on CANVAS or another platform that delivers the exam.
  • Schedule the exam through the OSD Online Services so that we can notify your instructors about your extra time.

Instructors are not required to provide alternative testing accommodations to students who are not registered with OSD.

Testing in a quiet, reduced-stress environment, will resume when we return to in-person instruction.


During this time, OSD is not facilitating face-to-face proctoring. However, if the entire class is being given an exam online (on Canvas or another online platform), then the student with the accommodation should be given the same opportunity to also participate in the online exam. 

If you need assistance with assistive technology or are having any challenges or questions with your online exams, contact  immediately, provided the exam is being taken during regular business hours.

Exam Integrity

Students receiving testing accommodations, whether through OSD or directly from the instructor,  have the responsibility of honest‚ ethical test-taking behavior and maintaining the integrity of the test.

Cheating will not be tolerated. If the exam is taken with OSD, proctors will report any suspicious behaviors by completing an incident report that will be provided to the faculty for that class. Disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the faculty.