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Note-Taking Services

Note-taking services assist OSD-registered students in analyzing and organizing information presented during the lecture and help place them on a level playing field to their non-disabled peers.

If you’re registered with OSD and eligible for note-taking services, you may request note-taking for certain classes. We will arrange for note-takers, usually volunteer students from your class, to take notes on your behalf. 

You have the option of remaining anonymous to your note-taker.

Course Eligibility

Eligible Courses:

  • In-person courses with lectures by the professor.
  • Online courses with live or pre-recorded lectures by the professor.

Non-Eligible Courses: Courses with no live or pre-recorded lectures by the professor where the professor only provides PowerPoints, independent reading assignments, third-party lecture content, guided note assignments as graded course work, fieldwork, capstone courses, group discussions, and optional class sessions.

If you feel that your course is eligible for note-taking services even though in-person, live or pre-recorded lectures by the professor are not part of the course, please contact us at

Request Note-taking Services

OSD students are encouraged to advocate for their note-taking services in a timely manner. Each semester, students eligible for a note-taking accommodation should:

  1. Request their note-taking accommodation using the OSD Online Services (AIM).
  2. After attending the first lecture, if you feel that you do in fact require a note-taker for the class, log back into OSD Online Services and “confirm” your note-taking request immediately. 
  3. After the first week of classes, if you find that you no longer need note-taking services (i.e. your instructor has posted all necessary materials in Moodle or Canvas), please log into OSD Online Services to “cancel” the request.

If you need a note-taker and do not have one after the first week of classes, follow up with your OSD counselor or OSD Note-taking Services as soon as possible.

Note Delivery

Notes will be uploaded to the OSD online system for easy retrieval. Once a notetaker uploads a file to the online system, the online system will notify all eligible OSD students that notes are available for download.

If you have any questions please, contact

Become A Note-taker

Student note-takers help students with disabilities get the notes they need for class. Benefits include:

  • Priority registration
  • Stipend (up to $75 per class)
  • Community service certificate

To sign up to become an OSD note-taker, visit our CANVAS page:

  1. Go to Enroll in OSD Note-taking Services page in Canvas – you may need to log into the MyCalStateLA portal.
  2. Click “Enroll in Course.”
  3. Click “Go to the Course.”
  4. Review the PDF titled “How to Sign Up as a Note-taker” to complete the sign-up process.

If you have any questions please, contact

*Please note that our office strives to provide note-taking services of the utmost quality. Understand that we are utilizing your Cal State LA peers to meet the goals of this service as set forth by the ADA. These peers are volunteering their time, therefore, personal preferences of individual notes may not be feasible. However, we will exhaust all efforts to meet reasonable accommodation requests.