Citation Payment Agreement

Monthly Payment Plan

Pursuant to California State University (CSU) policy 4071, Cal State LA is offering a payment agreement for multiple unpaid citations or citations totaling $200 or more.  At plan enrollment, a minimum initial payment of 10% of the amount owed, plus a $25 enrollment fee, is required.  Subsequent payments will be made on a monthly basis as set by Cal State LA Parking Services to the following durations, but citations may be paid in full at any time during the agreement.  Individuals interested in a Citation Payment Agreement must read the Terms of Agreement and visit the Cal State LA One Stop Financial Services Student Services Building #2380, to apply in person. 

Balance Owed

Period of Repayment Not to Exceed

$199 or less

4 Months

Between $200 and $399

6 Months

$400 or more

9 Months

Complete Terms of Agreement

  1. A registered owner (CVC 460, 505) or person responsible for the citations shall be eligible to enroll in a payment plan when they have multiple unpaid parking citations or at least $200.

  1. Any unpaid citations associated with this vehicle, registered owner, or person responsible may be added to the payment plan at the time of enrollment.  

  1. Should additional citations be accrued during the payment plan period, the plan cannot be modified to include additional citations, nor will any additional or concurrent payment plans be offered.

  1. Vehicles in scofflaw with five (5) or more unpaid citations can be towed from campus at owner’s expense.  Citations in a payment plan will not be counted towards the eligibility to be towed pursuant to CVC 22651(i)(1).  Additional, citations collected after or not requested to be on the payment plan by the individual will be counted towards eligibility to tow.

  2. Should a vehicle be towed due to other violations, all citations, including those on a payment plan, are immediately due pursuant to CVC 22651(i)(1)(C).

  3. The university withholds the right to collect additional collection costs, court costs or attorney fees associated with the collection of citation debt should an individual default on any payment plan.

  4. If an individual requires continued access to parking on campus, the purchase of a parking permit is required.

  1. The fee to enroll in a payment plan is $25.

  1. Applied late fees will not be removed, but any late fees not yet applied will be placed in abeyance while the payment plan is in place. If the individual adheres to the plan terms, these late fees will be waived once the payment plan is complete.

  1. If an individual defaults on a payment plan, a subsequent payment plan will not be offered for those citations and any late fees placed in abeyance will be immediately reinstated.

  1. Once the payment plan is in place and the individual adheres to its terms, an itemization of unpaid parking penalties and service fees will not be filed with the DMV (also known as a “DMV Registration Hold”) and any DMV Registration Hold in place will be temporarily removed.

  1. If an individual defaults on a payment plan, the DMV Registration Hold will be reinstated, if applicable.

  1. Once the payment plan is in place and the individual adheres to its terms, any corresponding Academic Holds in place will be temporarily removed.
  1. If an individual defaults on a payment plan, an Academic Hold will be reinstated or placed, if applicable.
  1. At plan enrollment, an initial payment of 10% of the amount owed, plus the enrollment fee, is required.
  1. Payments must be made each calendar month.
  1. There is no grace period for late payments.
  2. For mailed payments, a postmark is acceptable to meet this requirement.
  1. Payment plan duration.
  1. For balances under $200, payment plans may not exceed four months.
  2. For balances between $200 and $400, payment plans may not exceed six months.
  3. For balances over $400, payment plans may not exceed nine months.
  4. The period of repayment will be determined by the appropriate administrator.
  1. This policy shall not impact individual campus procedures for using the Franchise Tax Board intercept program or the student “hold” process (pursuant to CSU policy).
  1. This policy shall be reviewed by The CSU and recertified by June 30, 2025.

Further information on Parking Citations is available by contacting the Parking Services at (323) 343-6118 or via email.

All above information is subject to change without further notice.

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