The Day After the Election

November 4, 2020

Dear Golden Eagle Community: 


Today we awakened to a political landscape that remains uncertain. The votes from the General Election are still being counted amid the possibility of legal challenges. We have heard false claims of victory. Ahead of Election Day, we knew this was a possible outcome. Yet we now face the reality of what that means for us collectively, and individually. 


On Monday, Vice President for Student Life Nancy Wada-McKee and I shared virtual events and resources available in our University community, including Counseling and Psychological Services and the Employee Assistance Program. It is crucial that you remain informed and empowered by accurate information and that you find support in the embrace of community. I strongly encourage you, again, to participate in election debriefs and reflections and to utilize University resources should you need them. I offer my thanks and gratitude to everyone who voted in spite of the great difficulties caused by the pandemic.  


This season we witnessed nationwide threats of violence, blatant attempts at voter suppression, and efforts by foreign nations to intervene in our election that left many of us concerned about the state of our democracy. I speak for the leadership of the University when I say our students are a great reason for our hope. In our community we see concern, compassion, advocacy, dialogue, diversity, and a willingness to work together for the greater good. At any time, this is reassuring, but especially now. In the days ahead, we’ll need these attributes and patience as the votes are counted. 


As we wait, let’s continue to take care of ourselves and of each other.





William A. Covino