ECONOMICS 3060: Statistics for Business Analysis and Decision Making

Professor: Marco de Angel

About the Course:

In this course students covered basic statistics, fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), descriptive and inferential statistics, and learned how to implement them using GIS and Excel. The course is designed to introduce students to basic techniques used in descriptive and inferential statistics, regression and spatial analysis: elementary probability, methods of describing and mapping data, story maps, hypothesis testing, and linear regression.

The course emphasized practical applications, rather than technical foundations and derivations. It provided a fundamental framework for applying statistical and geographic modelling to conduct business analysis, improve business processes and support sound decision making. In addition, since computer work using Microsoft Excel and GIS was integrated throughout the course, the course enhanced students’ computer skills and made them more competitive in our increasingly technology-based and information-based economy.

As part of the curriculum, students were required to do a Story Map of Elder Abuse Indicators. Two sections of Econ-3060 worked with The California Elder Justice Coalition to create Story Maps. The final Story Map integrated statistical analyses that highlighted the problem and helped students to suggest policy recommendations.