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Certificate Programs are an excellent way for individuals to obtain new skills and knowledge or to enhance their current skills. Certificate study offers professionals an accelerated and flexible pathway to explore a new career field or build upon their already existing skills for career enrichment or advancement. Most certificate programs are comprised of multiple courses, and a certificate is awarded upon successful completion of all required coursework.

Undergraduate Certificate

Similar to a second major or a minor, an Undergraduate Certificate must be completed at the same time as the bachelor’s degree. Speak now with your academic advisor about adding an Undergraduate Certificate to your Current Academic Objective. Once added, it will appear on your Academic Requirements report (CAAR) and Degree Planner. Remember to include it on your Undergraduate Graduation Application Form and pay the $25 Certificate Application Fee before the filing deadline for your graduation term.

Postbaccalaureate and Post-Master’s Certificates

  1. Complete the Certificate Program Application during the term you plan on completing your final requirement(s) for the certificate.
  2. Pay the $25 fee via Transact.
  3. Email the Graduation Office copies of payment receipts and the completed application.

    In your email, be sure to attach:
    1. The Transact payment confirmation email showing payment $25 Application fee
    2. The completed Certificate Program Application

    The department will submit the application to the Graduation Office for processing.

Teaching Credentials are different from Certificates. Please visit the Charter College of Education website for more information about teaching credentials.