Classes at Cal State LA

My regular classes include courses on U.S. international relations history (HIST 4780) and the history of U.S. popular culture (HIST 4820).  I also teach a variety of undergraduate and graduate seminars on U.S. history since the start of the 20th century.  I especially enjoy classes that introduce students to key concepts in historical thinking, such as historiography (HIST 3880), history research methods (HIST 3900), intro to graduate study in history (HIST 5000), and the historian as public intellectual (HIST 5800).  I also take great pleasure in teaching the General Education courses on modern U.S. History (HIST 2020), especially because the students bring a wide mix of different majors to our historical materials.  I also enjoy teaching in the Honors College, both for General Education US history courses and for specialized Honors seminars such as Reading Los Angeles: Community and Structure in the Metropolis (HNRS 1300).

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