Media & Language Lab

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The Media and Language Lab was established in 2007 by Professor Kaveri Subrahamanyam. Researchers in the lab are involved in two strands of research: one strand investigates youth and their use of digital media and the effects of such use on their learning and development while another focuses on language learning, specifically dual language learning. Professor Subrahmanyam is an active researcher, who is strongly dedicated to mentoring students in her lab. Alumni of the Media and Language Lab have been admitted to PhD and MA programs at several top institutions including Harvard University, Teacher's College/Columbia University, UCLA, USC, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Oklahoma, University of New Mexico, and Vanderbilt University. The Media and Language Lab welcomes bright and motivated students who are curious and interested in conducting research. A strong GPA is a must and fluency in Spanish or in any other language is a plus. Interested students should contact Professor Subrahmanyam by email at