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Dulce Lopez - M.A. Candidate

Dulce Lopez Montiel is a graduate student at Cal State, Los Angeles. Currently working on her M.A. She obtained her B.A. from CSULA. Dulce is developing her thesis on adolescents' media use and academic achievement, currently working on the Adolescents' Self-report Study on Media Use, Academic Performance and School belonging. Her academic goals include continuing on to a doctoral program and combine her research experience with public policy and policy making. 

Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dulce-montiel-b4a20b113




Gloria Marquez - Graduate Researcher

Gloria is a first year Master student. She completed her B.A. from CSULA after transferring from Los ANgeles Community College where she double majored in Drug & Alcohol and Chinese. Currently she is examining the relationship between motivational factors and positive mental health in
historically relegated populations. By researching motivation, media, and perseverance, she
hopes to help other marginalized individuals in their pursuit of higher education. 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gloria-marquez-bb681956/



van eesa

Vanessa Ramirez - Graduate Researcher

Vanessa’s research interests involve the usage of various media. She investigates the possible effects of social media, televised media, and how individually tailored advertisements can affect individuals across time. She seeks to further investigate if potential effects are more pronounced among emerging adults. Vanessa is also fascinated by celebrity advertising, and investigating why and how they are so influential. Are there certain people who are more susceptible to this type of advertising? This is just one of the many questions she seeks to answer in this area of research.

Linked in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vanessa-ramirez-253578152




mark Glass

Mark Glass - Undergraduate Research Assistant

Mark Glass is in his senior year of undergraduate studies at California State University Los Angeles. His major is in psychology and he will be receiving his Bachelorette in spring 2019. His background includes an associates in Alcohol and Drug Studies and working with addiction in a clinical setting. He plans to Get his Masters in marriage and family therapy. 





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