Kaveri Subrahmanyam, Ph.D.

Dr. SubrahmanyamKaveri Subrahmanyam, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles is Professor of Psychology at California State University, Los Angeles and Associate Director of the Children's Digital Media Center @ Los Angeles (UCLA/CSULA). She has two lines of research: youth and digital media and second language learning. Her work on youth and digital media examines cognitive and social implications of interactive media use. She conducted one of the first training studies showing the effects of computer game use on spatial skills. Subsequently Dr. Subrahmanyam studied the developmental implications of chat rooms, blogs, social networking sites, and virtual worlds (e.g., Second Life) with a focus on the development of identity and intimacy. She is currently conducting three projects on (1) the link between daily digital media use and social and psychological functioning (2) the cognitive implications of multitasking (3) the role of the medium (paper vs. screen) on reading comprehension. Dr. Subrahmanyam's work on second language learning draws on her early work, which examined noun learning in in monolingual English-speaking children. Her work on second language learning has used a variety of methods (retrospective survey, experimental design, and longitudinal data) on children and college students to study second language learning. Along with her CSULA collaborators (Dr. Zepeda and Dr. Montanari), she is currently analyzing the data from the Dual Language Project, a 3-year short-term longitudinal study (funded by an NIH/MBRS grant) on Spanish and English language learning among Latino children from low-income Mexican-origin families. Dr. Subrahmanyam has published several research articles on youth and digital media and language learning. In collaboration with Prof Patricia Greenfield, she has co-edited a special issue on social networking for the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology (2008) and co- edited a collection of papers on interactive media and human development for Developmental Psychology (2011). She is the co-author (with David Smahel) of Digital Youth: The Role of Media in Development (Springer, 2011). Dr. Subrahmanyam is a Consulting editor for Developmental Psychology and is an Associate Editor for the International Journal for Research on Cyber Behavior and Learning and is on the Editorial Boards for the Journal of Media Psychology and Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace.