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Power and Energy Lab

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Location: Engineering and Technology Building, Room ET A209.

Faculty Supervisors

Dr. Shahverdi and Dr. Jamehbozorg; Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Dr. Shahverdi's Reseach Interests

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Battery Energy Storage
  • Power Electronics

Dr. Jamehbozorg's Reseach Interests

  • Renewable Energies
  • Power System Dynamics
  • Microgrids

Current Projects

Optimal Sizing and Optimal Control of LKIC Microgrid

Sponsor: LADWP

Graduate Stundets: Christopher Serrato and Nelson Flores

Undergraduate Students: Jose Morales, Co Dang, Axel Ochoa, Jose Rea, Kajair Minassian

Start Date: June 2019

Lithium-Ion battery parameter extraction

Power management system for Lithium-Ion battery

Notable Lab Equipment


Photo of OPAL RT Unit


Photo of a dSPACE Unit

Lab-Volt Modules

Photo of a Lab-Volt Station


A student working with MATLAB  Two students discussing their research  Li-Ion Battery Station